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Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Origin Story is a documentary by comedian and podcast host Kulap Vilaysack of Earwolf's "Who Charted?" It's an international road trip from Los Angeles to Minnesota to Laos, where Kulap's story began. It's a deeply personal but universal story about family secrets, alienation and personal responsibility.





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Origin Story

Still waiting for the perfect time to donate to Origin Story on Indiegogo? Today may be your day! Gain exclusive access to a super secret page on this very website by donating at the $50 level. See content that won't exist anywhere else and retain bragging rights. 

Harris Wittels Wants You

Origin Story

One of his invitations might not be legally binding, but the other totally is. Upon watching this video, you're required to head over to our Indiegogo page to donate to our campaign. If you've already done so, just stop by to say hello.

First Milestone- $35k!

Origin Story

Everyone! Thank you so much for joining us to kick our Indiegogo campaign off right. Over the past week and a half, you visited our page and this website, helped spread the word and donated over $35,000 toward Origin Story's finishing costs. That's 32% of our final goal! We're humbled and overwhelmed by the generosity of our contributors, so we naturally wanted to invoke legendary LA DJ Rodney Bingenheimer to help us celebrate our first milestone. Please enjoy, and thank you again for being you. 


The Ronna & Beverly Experience

Origin Story

Happy Monday! Thank you for a great first week of Origin Story on Indiegogo. We've got our eyes on the prize and are thrilled to announce a brand new perk for those of you still anticipating your donation day. 

Ever wanted to be interrogated by a pair of nosy old ladies? Ronna & Beverly of the Earwolf podcast network will welcome you as a guest on their show in exchange for a $750 gift to our film. They'll also record your outgoing voicemail message and send greeting cards right to your front door. Of course, our website and Who Charted? shout-outs are included, along with a digital download of Origin Story and your name in the credits. 

If your tukhus aches for the Ron & Bev hot seat, and you can get yourself out to Los Angeles for the recording, snatch this one up before it's too late or risk a lifetime of debilitating guilt. 

**UPDATE: This perk is now CLAIMED, thanks to Sean Sakimae! But many other wonderful perks are available here, so you're still in the game.


Take Your Cues from Wie-Wie!

Origin Story


It's day 4 of our Indiegogo campaign, and we're overwhelmed and very grateful to all who have shown support thus far. To those prospective donors who still need a little convincing, we hope Ku's pal and "Who Charted?" cohost will do the trick. Here's Howard "Wie-Wie" Kremer with some words of advice.

Limited Edition: Official OS Poster by Alex Kelly

Origin Story

It's happening, people. If you haven't stopped by our Indiegogo page yet, we'd love to have you. There's a new teaser trailer, tantalizing perks at every level, and more about the project and our funding goals. You'll be able to donate any amount you feel comfortable with, and again, we love you for every cent.

In case you need help deciding which perk to claim, consider the custom, limited-edition official poster designed lovingly by Alex Kelly. It's wholly original and multipurpose; add it to your bedroom's accent wall of Kulap images, or paste it on the side of your car for maximum visibility. It won't expire or harm your skin in any way. It's a quiet, aesthetically thrilling addition to any setting. For a contribution of $100, receive your very own poster (you pay shipping), have your name listed on our website's Hall of Fame and shouted out by Kulap on Who Charted?, and receive a digital download of the film.

Many thanks to Alex.

-Lauren, Assoc Prod

OS Poster

Announcing Our Indiegogo Campaign!

Origin Story

When Kulap set out to conduct preliminary interviews with her immediate family last summer, she likely had no idea what she was getting herself into. One year and almost 20,000 travel miles later, principal photography is complete, and we're entering the post-production phase. Presenting the story in the way it needs to be told will require all the human and financial resources at our disposal. We're immensely grateful to those who have given their time, services and moral support thus far. In order to compensate deferred crew and incorporate original music and art in the final edit, we're fundraising on Indiegogo with an official start date of 8/11/14 (Monday!).

Please consider donating what you can toward our finishing costs. Origin Story is a passion project exploring very specific themes and events from one woman's tangled past. But it's also a timely, relevant story about immigration, addiction, the meaning of family, and the importance of personal responsibility in the face of uncertainty and disappointment. It's a story we can all relate to, whether or not our parents spent time in Thai refugee camps after escaping from post-war Laos.

During filming, moments of levity broke up the emotionally-charged interviews and awkward encounters. Kulap left no stone unturned in her investigation, but her healthy perspective and immutable good humor have helped carry her through the challenge thus far. Viewers can anticipate a highly complex story, made all the more engaging since the protagonist is almost as out of the loop as her audience.

Take a moment to stop by our campaign page to check out the perks we're offering donors, including an appearance on IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang!, podcast guest spots, Skype sessions with Casey Wilson and autographed podcast swag, in addition to digital downloads of the film and special shout-outs. We appreciate whatever you're able to give. We also accept telepathic hugs and good wishes and love you for the support.

Lauren, Associate Producer

Keeping Up with Origin Story

Origin Story

Check here for updates on the film, including screenings, releases and events. We'll also share goals and milestones for our Indie Gogo campaign throughout August. Stay involved with the project by joining our mailing list and clicking the donate button below to contribute financially if you can. We appreciate you being aboard and spreading the word!